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Elisa Balsamo gets second place at GP de Isbergues: t.m. Davide Arzeni takes stock of the situation

By September 20, 2021Uncategorized

Elisa Balsamo confirms her good moment of form, losing a few centimeters in the sprint of the Isbergues GP to the detriment of the Dutch Charlotte Kool after a perfect team work from Valcar – Travel & Service. “The girls were once again great – says the t.m. Davide Arzeni – with Margaux Vigié and Lizzie Stannard we attacked in the early stages of the race, then Martina Alzini was very good at entering the seven-man break where very dangerous athletes such as Longo Borghini and Confalonieri were present. These attacks allowed us to feel comfortable in the group. Having resumed the escape, we regrouped with Ilaria Sanguineti and Chiara Consonni to pull the sprint to Elisa Balsamo. Sprints are won and lost, but today the team ran well ”. A remarkable team compactness, the inclusion of a new athlete like Lizzie Stannard increasingly alive in the team mechanisms and the preparation of Valcar – Travel & Service for the future: in the words of Davide Arzeni commenting on the moment of the season there is it’s a little bit of all of this. “In the GP des Grimpeurs stage race in Wallonia we went with a young team – says the team manager of Valcar – Travel & Service -we did not get sensational results, but I am very happy with how the team ran. Barbara Malcotti has always been in the positions that matter uphill and tried to enter two escape attempts. Eleonora Gasparrini also proved her worth in this competition, because in addition to being fast she also managed to keep up difficult climbs. And finally all the value of Lizzie Stannard is emerging that she was able to enter the decisive escape, but then she had to give up due to a mechanical problem. “