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Ryaner tells: “the restart”

By July 24, 2020News

It was all very complicated. And it still is now. There is a new situation that requires a change of mentality and continuous interventions, but I am convinced that over time we will return to normal “. Chiara Ravara, Ryanair’s head of international communications, talks about the long months of the emergency seen from the low cost headquarters. Headquarters in Ireland that the manager has not left since February (“But I bought the plane ticket for next Wednesday, so I can go back to Italy”, he says almost with a sigh of relief) and where all the operations were managed returning to business in the various reference markets, including Italy.

The story behind
“This also increased the difficulties – he explains – because not being able to have direct contact, a fundamental element is missing. But we did it and the first data are comforting. Even if Ryanair reigns in the utmost caution and readiness to change the running plans and still look forward one piece at a time “.

Then Chiara Ravara made the numbers speak, which today give encouragement, but that if they had been pitted last year they would have spoken of a company, accustomed to load factors close to sold out, ‘on the verge of a nervous breakdown’. “We started with 40% of the offer and 90% of the destinations – says the manager -, now in August we will increase to 60%. But the most comforting figure is that of the filling rate, which returned to 70% in July. And Italy is reacting much better than other markets. “

The initiatives
To achieve these results, however, continuous contact with the customers was necessary, bombarded with emails with indications on the necessary documents based on the destinations, with the site to be constantly updated and with a continuous relationship with the airports. But you always look forward. “We launched the winter schedule and started selling some routes also for the summer – he concludes – but we will release the complete summer schedule for 2021 between September and October, we want to be cautious and constantly monitor the market trend”.

But what was the most difficult moment for Chiara Ravara? “The day we stopped all flights in Italy, the country where the long stop began. It had never happened to Ryanair. And then for me there was the emotional component of my Italy. It was really a shock. “