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By July 9, 2020News

Com.N.10 | 30/06/2020

Tour de France virtual: at Valcar -Travel & Service, the honour of taking part in the most important race in the world on Zwift

There is euphoria at Valcar – Travel & Service, because the Italian team is one of the teams selected for compete at the Tour de France Virtual, a competition created for charitable purposes by the most popular race organisers in the world. 

An extraordinary opportunity to do good, but also a way to give unparalleled visibility to sponsors of the Bergamo team that will see their logos on the jerseys of the avatars of the athletes recreated in 3D to look like the real bodies and faces on Zwift.

But if the setting of the 6 planned stages (4-5 July, 11-12 July, 18-19 July) will be virtual, very real will be the effort that the girls in fuchsia jersey will have to do on the Elite rollers to keep up with the best athletes in the world in a date unparalleled in the recent history of virtual racing.

In addition to the visibility guaranteed by the in-game platforms (a world, that of electronic games, in progressive and exponential increase), the Tour de France Virtual will be broadcast by 18 broadcasters in 130 countries linked in all over the world.

A global event that will keep millions of spectators glued to it and they will be curious to see what are the differences in performance between road race and virtual race of the strongest athletes of the World Tour teams.

To defend the colors of Valcar – Travel & Service there will be almost all the athletes who make up the team directed by Davide Arzeni.

These will be the probable Line – Up of the 6 stages (the eventual changes of formation will be communicated on the official social websites of the team):

Stage 1 (36 Km): Teniel Campbell, Elena Pirrone, Silvia Pollicini, Ilaria Sanguineti

Stage 2 (29 Km): Marta Cavalli, Silvia Magri, Barbata Malcotti, Silvia Persico

Stage 3 (48 Km): Marta Cavalli, Elena Pirrone, Silvia Pollicini, Ilaria Sanguineti

Stage 4 (45 Km): Elisa Balsamo, Teniel Campbell, Chiara Consonni, Vittoria Guazzini

Stage 5 (23 Km): Marta Cavalli, Silvia Magri, Barbara Malcotti, Silvia Persico

Stage 6 (39 Km): Elisa Balsamo, Teniel Campbell, Vittoria Guazzini, Ilaria Sanguineti