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Another victory for Valcar – Travel & Service: Chiara Consonni wins the SPAR Flanders Diamond

By June 14, 2022July 8th, 2022News

Fourth success in a row for Valcar – Travel & Service that, after the Trofeo Città di Meldola, the Dwars door de
Westhoek and the la Dwars Door Het Hageland, wins at SPAR Flanders Diamond Tour thanks to Chiara Consonni.
Confirming her feeling with the Belgian track in Nijlen, which had seen her closed in second place a year ago, Chiara
authoritatively came up for the win in the bunch sprint, topping Marthe Truyen and Georgia Danford.
Great credit of the Italian talent, at her third victory in the season, but also of the other Valcar – Travel & Service’s
athletes Carlotta Cipressi, Elena Pirrone, Emma Redaelli, Ilaria Sanguineti e Margaux Vigié, pivotal in driving the
sprinter up to the final straight.
A strategy planned in detail on the eve of the two days in Belgium and which has been perfectly come together, as
confirmed by the winner of the SPAR Flanders Diamond Tour.
«This is a great weekend; everything has gone perfectly: at Dwars Door Het Hageland we won thanks to Ilaria
Sanguineti’s attack; today we have authoritatively managed the race up to the group sprint».
You were one of the favorite teams. How did you manage the race?
«Things have been changing a lot over the years. I had already been twice on this podium, but I never got the nod for
victory. Running like we did is the prove of our streght, and our capability to read the race and seize the moment».
Meanwhile Giro d’Italia is coming…
«First there will be the Italian championships, then the Giro. Important events, but not the last. These three
successes, which make my season already excellent, are just a starting point and give me the confidence for the
other goals I am aiming for».
In addition to Chiara Consonni’s exploit, Valcar – Travel & Service is also celebrating the fifth seasonal victory of
Francesca Pellegrini, who won the 38th Grand Prix Ciclisti Arcade, in the province of Treviso, among the Under18s.