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Cyclocross World Cup: Lechner, Arzuffi and Persico in the Top 10 in Val di Sole

By December 14, 2021December 17th, 2021News

VERMIGLIO (TN) – It was an unprecedented test, held for the first time on a completely snow-covered track and on which even the tightness of the disc brake pads was questioned.

Among all these uncertainties, yet another confirmation at the highest levels of Eva Lechner arrived in Val di Sole. The Bolzano driver closed the race at Vermiglio in fourth position, showing an exceptional feeling with the snow: very few smudges for the FAS Airport Services standard bearer, who crossed the line 12 ”from the podium; This is confirmed by the times over the five laps, with Lechner able to go from 10 ‘and 36 “in the first round to 10” and 16 “in the last.

“My regret is linked to the first lap,” explains the thirty-six-year-old from thirty. «Some mistakes made me lose the wheels of the first ones. Who knows if without those imperfections I would have been able to play for the podium. In any case, everything was perfect: the climate, the cheering, the route, the feeling with the route and, above all, being back to battle for such important positions ».

Alice Maria Arzuffi is also in the top 10 in the World Cup, seventh and at her best result of the season after the European Championship in Col du Vam. The Brianza, who finished the first lap in 11th position already at 59 “behind the leader Fem Van Empel, climbed back up to seventh place, just 4” from the French Helene Clauzel.

«I’m happy with my test, how I rode and the technical choices made on the tubulars. The tubeless front gave me confidence and allowed me to enjoy a course that is certainly unusual but deserves to be considered for the Winter Olympics “.

Despite two difficult last laps, Silvia Persico also managed to defend her placement, finishing tenth at 3 ‘and 35 “behind the winner.

“It went well, but halfway. The first two laps I felt good, then the track changed and icy channels formed, different from those of the Saturday tests. So my choice of not mounting the thousand-point tires turned out to be wrong. In any case it was a new experience, which allowed me to try these new conditions too ».

The Trentino track gave the best placement in the World Cup for the Under 23 Lucia Bramati, who entered for the first time among the best 20 in the world: the daughter of art born in 2003 (in her first year in the category) finish line in 18th position.

«I enjoyed it and a good placement also arrived, so the balance is positive, for me and for the team. Running in the snow was a novelty for all the athletes at the start, but it was not so different from the sand: you need technique, the ability to choose the right wheels and a little carefree in the downhill sections “.