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Ryanair now believes in O’Leary’s trust

By March 4, 2021News

A sign of trust and hope. Which is not a trivial matter in these situations. And to give it is someone who in matters of prophecies and simple forecasts has accustomed the whole air transport market, even if most of the time in negative terms, namely the CEO of Ryanair Michael O’Leary.

The top manager of low cost is back in the open and does so on the occasion of the presentation of the company’s financial situation on the eve of the close of the fiscal year 2020-2021, set for 31 March. A closure that for the company will be accompanied by a figure never seen before, with a red of about 850 million euros.

The end of the tunnel But Michael O’Leary also takes the opportunity to say that, in fact, this time we have reached the end of the long descent and that next summer there will really be the long-awaited turnaround. Not only. He goes further to the point of venturing that in the next year Ryanair may also be able to reach break even or at least go very, very close.

The data

O’Leary therefore leaves aside the controversies that have accompanied the last few months regarding state aid rather than the policies of the countries that hinder the free movement of the population. And it focuses on what the airline intends to do. He does not go into the details of the network, but anticipates that during the summer months, from July to September, the traffic volume will rise up to 60-70 percent compared to 2019. A figure that derives from the trend of bookings and the belief that the advancement of the vaccination process will restart the machine, in the interest of all.

As for the following winter season, the worst will be behind us and we will start again with a traffic trend if not at the previous levels of at least 80 percent. Which today represents a dream for the entire sector.