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The athletes of FAS Airport Services competing in the U.S.A. in the cyclocross World Cup

By October 9, 2021News

The adventure of FAS Airport Services in the world of cyclocross has started very well. Last week in fact, in the Jesolo race, Eva Lechner and Silvia Persico placed first and third respectively position, while the under 23 Lucia Bramati finished in tenth place overall and fifth in the category. “A positive debut – comments the coach Luca Bramati – we started with the spirit of doing well and of grow slowly. In the Jesolo race we have already seen excellent things such as good team play. Now we will go racing in the United States World Cup in Waterloo on October 10 and in Fayetteville on October 17.

Racing at these levels is always difficult, but, as mentioned before, our desire is to do our best. With Eva Lechner we can try to get into the ten, Silvia Persico struck me because she seems in condition and has grown a lot compared to the last few seasons, while with Lucia Bramati we aim to do experience. I haven’t seen Alice Maria Arzuffi yet, it will be an opportunity to see her in action “. In fact, in the first weekend of competitions FAS Airport Services had raced in two different places: in addition to a Jesolo, the new women’s cyclocross training had made its debut in Belgium with the Italian champion Alice Maria Arzuffi who found a good fifth place in Meulebeke in Belgium, while in the first round of Superprestige in Gieten a crash and a problem with the chain caused it finish in twelfth position.

“A new team, a new atmosphere, new goals, but always part of the Valcar family – Travel & Service ”says Alice Maria Arzuffi to her 27,900 followers on Instagram“ I’m happy with the new team and charge for whatever is about to happen. See the holder of FAS Airport Services on departure e Valentino Villa della Valcar made me very happy. ” The desire to do well, enthusiasm, but also the classic tranquility and atmosphere that reigns in the Valcar house – Travel & Service, a necessary condition to put your athletes at ease to make them at the even better in FAS Airport Services.

“I have known Valentino Villa for a very long time – Luca Bramati recounts – one day he showed up in my shop and asked me for five bicycles for his new team of rookies and students. He told me that he did not know how far it would go. ‘I’m leaving’ he said to me and then look where I got on the road with the Valcar. Similarly, when I started out with my mtb team, I thought something like this: I grow up with my daughter Lucia, then let’s see where we arrive. In mtb the Trinx Factory Team is one of the best Italian teams and we are happy with our path. Now with this cyclocross adventure there we both want to do things right: the girls presented themselves well at the debut, all four are in the national team and we as a team also showed up with the bus at the start to give visibility to our sponsors. “