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Puglia and Lithuania closer with the new Ryanair flight

By December 31, 2020News

Puglia and Lithuania are about to be linked again. Starting from next March, Ryanair will introduce the Milan Bergamo – Vilnius connection.

“The new flights will contribute to increasing international tourism for the benefit of the Apulian sector – comments the consul of Lithuania for Puglia and Basilicata, Giuseppe Saracino -. Culture, commerce and tourism travel together. Unfortunately, Wizz Air has suspended flights on the Bari-Vilnius route, which were strongly desired and solicited by this consulate. The consulate continued to take action together with Aeroporti di Puglia and Pugliapromento to restore a direct flight between the two countries which, in any case, would also serve the tourist resorts of Basilicata and Calabria ”.

The consul Saracino thanked Pugliaprofotion and in particular Nancy Dell’Olio, ambassador of Puglia, for the support in promoting Puglia to Northern Europe, to the Baltic countries and in particular to the Republic of Lithuania: “A decisive help which has led to an incisive increase in tourism from Lithuania, of high standing and with an average stay of five days. We also appreciated Pugliapromento for the assistance offered for the international event to be held in Rodi Garganico, on 23, 24, 25 September 2021 to promote the Gargano “.

The growth of tourist flows from Lithuania to Puglia has been surprising in recent years thanks also to the activation of the direct Bari-Vilnius flight. Overall, the Tourism Observatory of the Puglia Region noted an increase in arrivals and presences from Lithuania of 150% from 2015 to 2019, with an average annual positive rate of around 40%.

“This is an excellent result obtained thanks to constant public relations work that has brought Puglia to the attention of travelers from Lithuania. An important milestone that rewards the promotional activity that has never stopped even in this period marked by the pandemic – comments Nancy Dell’Olio -. Not only the capital Vilnius, but also other important cities such as Kaunas, European Capital of Culture 2022, continue to turn their gaze to the old continent and to feel particular attention for our Region ”.