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Electric flight will be the next frontier

By November 11, 2020News

Electric flight will be the fuure frontier of air transport and even the airports will have to equip themselves as soon as possible for this new technology, essential for achieving a climate-neutral economy by 2050.

Within the next decade, the airports should be ready to welcome the first electric flights, the short-haul ones; John Holland-Kaye, managing director of Heathrow (one of the most important London aiports), is extremely convinced of this.

During the annual conference of the Airport Operators Association, the manager reiterated that the world of internal electric flights will be only the first step towards the most ambitious goal: the decarbonisation of long-haul connections.

And also Holly Greig, UK department of Transport Deputy Director for Aviation Climate Change, added to TTG Media that the most forthcoming opportunity to showcase the progress of the aviation industry will undoubtedly be the United Nations Climate Change Conference to held next year in Glasgow.

Great steps are already being taken, but we must be quick to be ready for the appointment with 2050!