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Valcar-Travel & Service, here are the summons for the Giro d’Italia Women. Barbara Malcotti: “I would like to do well for the youth ranking”

By July 3, 2021News

There are just a few days left for the official start of the Giro d’Italia Women 2021 which will start on Friday 2 July in Fossano (CN) in Piedmont and will end on Sunday 11 July in Cormòns in Friuli Venezia Giulia. At the starting line of this important stage race, Valcar-Travel & Service will field Alice Maria Arzuffi, Chiara Consonni, Eleonora Gasparrini, Federica Piergiovanni, Ilaria Sanguineti and Barbara Malcotti. Just Barbara Malcotti is one of the athletes who arouse more curiosity, because finally the thirty has managed to give continuity to her performances.

Barbara, in the past few years you have had several injuries, including a rather serious one in the pelvis and several physical problems. Things are finally getting better this year and you have managed to prove your worth.

“Yes, I finally managed to race and get good results. Since the first races in the Ardennes I felt good, I can keep up with the best for long stretches of the race and I’m happy with how the season is going. “

Moreover, you recently won a good 11th place at the Italian road championships and at the Course by le Tour de France you finished in 26th place, just like at Liège-Bastogne-Liège.

“They have been good results, yes. I am growing and experiencing so I am quite happy with this. As for the Italian, I knew that on that path getting into the top fifteen would be a result within my reach. This Italian championship was quite tough in the heat, with many short climbs in the second part of the course. We are happy for the podium of our teammate Ilaria Sanguineti ”.

But what do you expect from this Giro d’Italia?

“I hope to do well, I spent a period of altitude training in Livigno to prepare myself as best as possible. The goal is to do well in the youth rankings and – why not? – maybe be able to be present also in the general “.

This is not your first stage race of the season, as in Spain you have played several races in close proximity to days. How have they been?

“The first few days were very hard, we suffered from the hot / cold rush and the bad weather put us to the test. As far as I’m concerned, I made a mistake at Durango-Durango, I didn’t eat well and went into hunger. The Vuelta a Burgos was also unlucky, because I crashed in the third stage and in the fourth stage – the one that suits me best – I had mechanical problems with both bikes. I have to thank Ilaria Sanguineti because she helped me so much in those days. However, despite the unfortunate results, I felt that I was doing well and therefore I am confident. “

Barbara, you are studying at the University, aren’t you?

“Yes, psychological sciences in Bergamo.”

A very interesting faculty, I would say, and perhaps even useful for your profession.

“Definitely. Studying psychology helps me a lot on a personal level, but above all on a team level. “

What do you mean?

“In the sense that when you ‘understand’ better how a teammate behaves, you are able to be close to her more effectively. And this is a very, very useful thing. “

If I asked you what you expect from the season, what would you answer me?

“Let’s think about doing this Giro well, first of all. Then my goal is the same as always: growing, learning, gaining experience. I’m still young and these races will be useful for the future. “